My Favorite Quotes

The more I see of Man,.the more I like Dogs.

Bob Barker 


My Goal in Life is to be as good as Person as my Dog thinks I am.

Mark Twain


No matter how little money or how few possessions you have, a dog makes you feel Rich ! 

Betty White


A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than itself.

Josh Billings


Properly trained a man can be a dog's best friend !

Johnny Depp



 Muttley what was life for you before you became famous?

           Oh Darling,.. I was born to be famous,. Just look at me I am gorgeous,. There was no other road for me  to take,. Just straight to Stardom,. There is  no other like me !

 When you are not posing for photo shoots or doing interviews how do you spend your time ?

         Darling,. My so limited Leisure activities include,. The Spa, The Salon, Dining at the World's Finest Cuisines, Traveling The World, Flying in Lear Jets, Cruising in Yachts, Helicopters, Limos, or Tour bus.  Greeting my Fans, Lounging by the World's Finest Beaches and Pools,. Being Pampered By the hottest  Cabana Boys massaging my Long  Satin ears ! Attending the Grammy's, The Academy Awards,. Almost Every Red Carpet Event and most notably the West Minister Dog Show.

I understand You and Your People have an interest in Shelters and Rescues ?

           Oh Cupcake, Purpose here, besides being Fabulous is to educate people of the World how to help the unfortunate ones that need attention, treatment, love, a shelter and a home. The entire World needs to be educated on the importance of Spaying and Neutering your pets. We all need to participate to try and decrease this World Wide tragedy of all the unwanted and neglected animals. To end all this pain and suffering and to end these heartbreaking unnecessary euthanizations.


Now for the important things, treats. Do you have any favorites?

            Oh Darling,..just the mere word Treats puts Chills Down My Curvaceous Spine, there are soooo many wonderful ones,. Too many tasty treats to mentions,. So Many Treats, so Little Time. What's a girl to do ??


 Are there any other outfits that you especially enjoy wearing?

          Oh Sweet Pea,..wardrobe,..but of course the latest and trendiest fashions,. Not to mention of course, glitter, sequins, rhinestones, boas, anything that sparkles like Diamonds. Only Glamorous or Spectacular apparel would ever be worn on this precious fur of mine. 

How many Outfits do you own ?


           Oh Sugar ,.my wardrobe personal takes care of that,..but I believe the lastest count was over 300. I have my own private walk in closet,. And wardrobe, hair and makeup personal. My intense wig collection, but of course, matches my every outfit.

Are you called by any other name ?


           Oh Angel,. But of course,. Gorgeous, Fabulous, Stunning, Marvelous, Magnificent, Astonishing, Exquisite, Superstar, Supermodel, Ravishing,. Darling there are not enough adjectives in the Dictionary to describe this 8th Wonder of The World.


Do you have any bothers or sisters?

            Darling,.I have 2 brothers,.both Jack Russell Terriers,.Rambo and Macho. They are such boys !!! They are immature, dirty, loud, disgusting, smell and do not share well ! But I love them to death,.no matter. They are employed as my Personal Body Guards. And believe me that is a full time job !


Thank you Muttley Cyrus for you time and this Interview,..

       Darlin,..its been my extreme pleasure,..and thank you to all my Fans Across the World !! Without you I would not be.

            MUTTLEY CYRUS